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Philip Edward Alexy
Job History (11/01 to present)
CG Animation Supervisor
Sextant Entertainment Group - features/television
Hallmark Presents - Snow Queen [In Production].
Extensive experience in Lightwave3D 7.0 [animation, modeling, particles].
Daily intensive use of PC Workstations, Windows2000.
08-01 to 10-01
Freelance Animator
Video: Untamed http://www.untamed.ca/; You're Not Gonna Score.
Animation of "pixie-girl" at the end of the video. Originally-budgeted two
month job completed in two weeks.
03-00 to 07-01
CGI Animator
c.o.r.e. digital pictures http://www.coredp.com features: The Colony (unreleased), Nutty Professor II; The Klumps
television: Angela Anaconda http://www.angelaa.com/ Season Two/Three
Extensive experience in Houdini4.0
[animation, modeling,particles], some in Elastic Reality.
Daily intensive use of SGI Workstations, IRIX OS, C-Shell.
07-99 to 09-99
CGI Animator
Wild Brain http://www.wildbrain.com television: Ritz Cracker Commercial Spots.
Extensive experience in Softimage (animation).
01-94 to 06-99
CGI Animator (Character/Effects)
Industrial Light and Magic http://www.ilm.com features: Star Wars; Episode One: The Phantom Menace, Jack Frost,
Deep Impact, Mercury Rising, 101 Dalmatians, Eraser, Jumanji, Casper
shorts and others: ILMaJam's Forcer/Lovebug, Star Wars Image Unit, Frankie
and Fluffy; Blue Suede Ewes (In Pre-Production)
Extensive experience in Softimage (animation and
modeling), ILM proprietary animation and rendering software, including CARI.
Some particle training in Maya. Daily intensive use of SGI Workstations, IRIX OS,C-Shell.
Technical direction experience in creating animatics for Eraser, working in
close contact with Animation Supervisor Steve Williams and director Chuck Russel.
09-96 to 07-97
Lead Technical Animator: Flubber
Industrial Light and Magic Responsibilities:
Designed and created models and animation structure for blob and animorphic Flubber.
Created test animation for both Disney and for Flubber movie trailer.
Trained and supervisor animators in specific use of MetaClay unit in Softimage.
Involved in production level shot bidding, resource allocation, and creative feedback with Animation Director Tom Bertino, director Les Mayfield, and producers at Disney.

-Billy Allison
Method - Freakishkid
Raggy Dolls - Orchid
Williams Wish Wellingtons - Hibbert Ralph
Spider in the bath - Hibbert Ralph
Forgotten Toys - Hibbert Ralph
Gerald of Wales - Siriol
Easter Egg - Siriol
Turkey Love - Siriol
Fiddley Foodle Bird - Whizzline
Zot the Dog - Fat City Films
Mocap directing for Acclaim and Sony

-Brian Finlay
credits include
Ollie’s Under the Bed Adventures - Collideascope Digital
My name is Brian Finlay and I am currently living in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada.
Having studied animation at N.B.C.C Miramichi and at Sheridan College I have but one studio credit,
mostly due to the costs of moving to new work especially when you are just starting out
both career and family wise.
I intend to work on my own animated short(s) in my basement studio,
which is two steps past the boiler right next to the rat trap,
of course should a position which is longer than six months come along or some
“ work from home “ freelancing occurs I’ll take the change.
My goals are to make a living in animation and to work for or with as many animators as possible
so I can learn and develop artistically.
Secretly I would like to work for at least one big studio.

-Dave Brown
CG Project Manager at Cosgrove Hall Digital
Currently involved in 'Albie' at Cosgrove Hall, animating in Max. Also
worked on 'Fetch the Vet' and 'The Trojan Horse' short film. Progressed to
CG work from 2d series including animation direction on 'Billy' and animaton
on 'Zot the Dog' for Fat City Films, 'The Blobs' for Siriol and 'Ace and
Avery' for CTW, 'Discworld' for Cosgrove Hall. Started out modelmaking and
animating on a variety of 3d commercials.
Short films produced in 92 - 94 shown at the British Short Film Festival at
the Barbican and the Plaza, Piccadilly, the Zurich Short Film Festival
amongst others.

-Roger Foucault
Interactive animation CD- Brian Lemay
For over a decade and a half I contributed numerous artistic works, as a free lance artist and illustrator,
prior to my 2-year college animation training. Commissions included graphics for apparel designs,
company logos and letterheads, brochures, newspaper ads, etc...For a few years
I also contributed single-panel cartoon captions for a local newspaper.
I also experimented and was commissioned to produce a few acrylic paintings for a few organizations.
In college I was part of a team who helped assist and produce small animations for Brian Lemay and his interactive CD
that is currently still in production (has been for a few years now).
The CD is based on his 'Designing Cartoon Characters for Animation' book (ISBN # 0-9699419-1-9).
I am currently employed with a marketing firm in the city of Moncton, province of New Brunswick, Canada
(called Foresight Marketing and Design Ltd.- www.foresightmarketing.com).
This company has a newly created animation division as well. My job title is that of Creative Director
and I assist in the provision of hand drawn artistic visuals for the graphics department, including any animations as required.
I believe in strong, solid networking in the animation industry in order to foster personal artistic growth, knowledge, and development.
I love the camaraderie and wisdom shared by all who are involved in this trade. So much so that I created my own animation club,
called ANIMATION FERRET, to try and appease this networking need
and have since enjoyed having members of both professional and amateur animation status register within it.
Artists of various mediums and enthusiasts included.
All are welcome to visit and/or sign up in order to view the awesome artwork samples on exhibit by the animation membership
(Go to http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/animationferret ) as well as participate in the terrific, constructive topics and discussions being posted daily.

" No person grows without ambition...
No great person excels without a dream!"

Roger Foucault
aka Ferretshark

-Chun-Sin Loh
I am a graduated classical animation trained student from Vanarts in 2000
and winning the scholarship to make my own 4-5 minutes project in the school
this year. I have a strong skill in Character, Animal and effect animation,
and I also very confident in storyboarding, and my life drawing skill is
very solid too, I love drawings!! I came from engineering background and
then jump into animation after years of working and could not find the joy
being an engineer. Well, Im glad i am pursuing my child dream and I really
love what i am now. I am rushing my project right now and can't wait to show
to everybody in the beginning of next year!!
My website address is http://chun-sin.tripod.com where you can see my
animations and drawings!

-Niel Bushnell

Space Jam
Lost in Space
The Circle of Life
Disney's Runaway Brain
The Lampies
ShadowMan: 2econd Coming
Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone


-Bill (Stik) Greenhead
Punch, The Times (Mega), The Daily
Telegraph, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Daily Star, The Sunday People,
Fhm, Computer Active, Deadline, The Chicargo Times, Green magazine and Mad
DMB&B (Clearisil),
BBH (Levis), APL (PG Tips) Interfocus ( London Transport) and Hill
Watson (Smarties).
The Big Breakfast, doing the footballing caricatures for
the Pressure Cooker with Mark Bright on a Monday morning. He has a range of
cards printed by Hallmark cards. He has two childrens books out, printed
by Egmont.
He is currently animating Barclay and Jacobs adverts for Sky Television

-Ian Jackson
Punch, Playboy, Oink!, Spitting Image and various greetings cards
Microscopic Milton and Little Monsters for the BBC and Disney, as well my own projects.

-Dave Vickers
comic strip artist, illustrator, writer & wannabe animator (time'll tell).
credits include
I had a two page strip (Betty Swallocks) run in Custom Bike for 2 years & have had one panel affairs printed in B.S.H.,
Airgun World & a few ladies magazines which would do my (already pitifully low) street cred, no favours if mentioned.
I've contributed illustrations to trade magazines & been fortunate enough to land a few book covers (still available at hippy.com).
And to get my head around sound manipulation (with animation in mind)
I figured out cooledit pro & fruity loops to do Hippies With Attitude at madtrip
( but its not really up to much at the mo )

-Duncan Bourne
On the Edge – strip cartoon and cartoon illustration
Adventure Travel – “The Oh So Colonial Adventures of Sir Ramsbottom Botherington – Fartex”, plus travel maps and illustration.
Weekly News
Christian Herald
High Mountain Sports
GVR products
I Design
JDL limited
Norse Film & Pageant Society
Guide-line Accountants
Friends of the Earth
National Cartoon Festival (Ayr, Scotland)
FANO FUNNY 1st On-line exhibition (Italy)
Euro-Kartoenale 2001 (Belgium)
International Cartoon Festival (Ankara, Turkey)

-Gary Swift
I have a wealth of experience collaborating with art directors,
designers and artbuyers from all over the industry disciplines both here and abroad.
I welcome challenging communication projects whatever the scale and whenever the deadline,
from the ridiculous to the sublime.
Working for a diverse range of clients I often enjoy adding my own unique ideas
and characters to a brief, whenever possible.
credits include
Asda, Future Publishing, BBC Digital, Unilever, PC Guide,TES, Hallmark, Sainsburys,
Nestlé Rowntree, Lippa Pearce Design, Glaxo Welcome,
Ogilvy & Mather, Cohn & Wolfe, Young Telegraph, Mercier Gray



-Jez Hall
your in it
Gargoyles - Disney/Nelvana
Loggerheads - Trickompany
Werner 2 _Trickompany
Nik and Perry - Trickompany
Slim Pig - CTW/Cheeky
Noahs Island - Telemagination
Angelmouse - Silver Fox Films
Jack and Marcel - Protecrea
Preston Pig - Varga
Tiny Planets - Peppers Ghost
Albie - Cosgrove Hall Films
Dexters Lab (bumpers) - Cartoon Network
Pongwiffy - Telemagination
Bounty Hamster - Silver Fox Films
Puppet Storyboards
Animal Shelf - Cosgrove Hall Films
Rocky and the Dodos - Cosgrove Hall Films
Rotten Ralph - Cosgrove Hall/Fox
Hipposaurus - Mackinnon and Saunders/Granada (Special, with Paul Berry)
Noddy - Cosgrove Hall Films
Kraft Dairylea - Passion Pictures
Hamilton Mattress - Bare Boards/ BBC (Special with Barry Purves)
Benjamin - Hahn Film
Rubbish the Cat - A for Animation
Philbert the Frog - Fat City Films
Victor and Hugo - Cosgrove Hall Films
Avenger Penguins (pilot) - Cosgrove Hall Films
On Christmas Eve - Cosgrove Hall Films
Batman/U2 video - Manga Studio
Captain Star - Filmworks/Funbag
Ace and Avery - John R Dilworth



-David Bolton
credits include
Albie - Cosgrove Hall Films (to be aired in the autumn)
Pluto 5 - Fat City Films/ BBC
Bignose and Boggle - Cheeky
-Also developing new projects with Argon productions, BBC, Fat City Films and Jez Hall,
As well as my own projects including books and live-action work.

-Philip Jackson
For scripts contact-
Mike Sharland
The Sharland Organisation
The Manor House
Manor Street
Telephone 01933 626600


Albie. 3 x 10-minute episodes for Cosgrove Hall Films, to be broadcast on ITV
Bubbles. Series concept and development proposal for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop
Pixie and Quark. 30-minute live-action pilot for MacKinnon and Saunders
Billy, series 2. 13 x 10-minute episodes, broadcast on ITV
Billy, series 1. 13 x 10-minute episodes, broadcast on ITV
Charlie Marmalade. Pilot for Fat City Films
Monster Holiday. 30-minute feature film special, broadcast on ITV
Monster Easter. 30-minute feature film special, broadcast on ITV
Monster Christmas. 30-minute feature film special, broadcast on BBC television
Avenger Penguins. 1 x 26-minute episode. Cosgrove Hall Films, broadcast on ITV
Philbert Frog. 13 x 5-minute episodes, broadcast on BBC television

new talent

-Alex Hallatt
www.moontoon.co.uk (portfolio)
After getting a degree in biochemistry, I felt the
logical next step was to work as a waitress in a
poorly lit Irish bar in Morristown, New Jersey. 6
months of this persuaded me to go home to the UK and
get a proper job in the pharmaceutical industry. 7
years later and I realised I didn't like that much
either. I gave up the company car, comfortable career
path and guaranteed income to do something I actually
I have been a full-time cartoonist since 1999 and draw
the strip cartoon for Brighton's daily
newspaper, The Argus. I also provide cartoons for a
variety of other clients in print and new media. Some
of my portfolio can be viewed at my website.

Check out my comic strip "Shelflife" at http://www.soyouvebeendumped.com

-Adrian D'Alimonte
(Great site!)
Design! Storyboarding! Animation! I've attended Centennial College for
3d and Sheridan College for 2d. Now I'm at the point of putting
together portfolios and getting a foot in the door. Feedback more than

-Alberto Sanchez
Sure I'm only an aprentice in this world but my dream will be with me even my last breath.
Hope some day I can do animation.

-Ryan Cody
http://www.super75.1hwy.com (portfolio site)
http://www.ryancody.150m.com (a more streamlined version of the above site)
http://www.least-likely.150m.com (comic strip illustrated in flash)
I'm an unemployed animator/illustrator whose wanted to draw comics since I was 11.
I really like doing any sort of concept art including character and concept designs
as well as storyboards and illustration.
My new favorite thing is figuring new ways to utilize Flash as an illustration tool.

-Clarke Snyder
http://www.csnyde.com (Portfolio and Samples available online.)
Connecticut based Freelance Illustrator, Animator, and Character Designer trying to break into the industry.
Graduate of the School of Visual Arts - New York, NY 1999.
Currently trying to develop some show ideas for Television and the Web,
while holding down a Hellish Full time job as a Prodution Artist for an E-learning Software Company.